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Nik Bärtsch 's RONIN
Nik Bärtsch	's RONIN

The band Ronin (named after the freelance warriors in Japanese history who served no master) was born in 2001 out of Bärtsch's desire for a group that could also work in the clubs and "play with more power". The pianist has described the band's work as "Zen-funk" and "ritual groove": "Our music is somewhere between jazz and modern composition, progressive pop, ritual music, groove music in general". Writer Michel Mettler has characterised the group's aesthetic as "creating the maximum effect by minimum means": phrases and motives are repeated, combined and layered, creating shifting, complex rhythmic patterns which typically build slowly over time with overwhelming dramatic impact.

Ronin has released three studio albums on ECM to date, Stoa (2006), Holon (2008) and Llyr├Ča (2010), as well as a double CD, Live (2012), which anthologises a suite of concert performances from their appearances around the world between 2009 and 2011, a collection which reveals its own inner logic and dramaturgy.

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