“I was instantly brought back to the feel & the groove of those wonderful pre “So” tours. The man himself could not do better!”

Tom Lord-Alge

Grammy Award Winner

“The Security Project  goes far beyond conventional tribute band territory, infusing the songs with new arrangements and elements while staying true to the spirit of the material. Gabriel enthusiasts across the board will be taken by the band’s high-octane approach full of drive, determination and energy.”

Anil Prasad


“Strong marks go to this unique project that will appeal to Peter Gabriel fans and progressive rock aficionados. This is a live album, but the level of musicianship among the band members makes that easy to forget until hearing the audience applause following the tracks.”

Jeff Elbel

IE Magazine 

“The Security Project gives a fresh, fun perspective on classic Peter Gabriel material, staying true to the spirit of the music while performing it with infectious energy.”

Michael Lord

Tabletop Genesis Podcast

“The Security Project live is a beautifully reverential and creative reinterpretation of these Peter Gabriel classics!”

Kevin Killen

engineer of Gabriel’s “So” record